Run to Win


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Although many say “winning isn’t everything,” in the Christian life, such an attitude should be anathema, because winning Christ is everything; and winning the world to Christ is everything! In fact, giving your soul and all you literally have for the salvation of the world is nothing, if you have the right motivation and equipment to run and win the race. With many Christians today struggling just to stay in the race, a shot in the arm like this will help greatly. In this ‘Textbook for Soulwinners,’ Joshua focuses on the factors hindering many from being overcomers in the Christian life, and consequently, failing to win souls to God. Mr. Daniel focuses on the causes and effects of spiritual sterility in the church and the pew, how to overcome subservience to the flesh, and challenges us to renew our first love for Christ. If you want to be a ‘winner’ as a Christian, overcome in all things, and run purposely and triumphantly for the Lord Jesus, this text will help spur you into the ‘passing lane’ on your way to breaking the winner’s tape.


Author: Joshua Daniel


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