The Path to Perfection


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How amazing it is that people hate to hear the word ‘perfect’ in their Christian walk! There are many who hate the mention of this word. But from what Jesus taught on the Sermon on the Mount, it is clear that He, the Saviour of the world, wants us to walk perfectly and He moreover commands us, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) The author says, “From the time I was converted as a boy of fifteen, I was taught by my mother’s precept and example that I should walk without conscious disobedience or sin. It was quite normal therefore for me to just practise and teach what the Lord Jesus Himself taught. I have faltered and come short many times and have needed to humble myself.” But the command and goal remain the same, “Be ye therefore perfect.” Living as we do in a scandalous age of compromise and cowardice, it is important that we fix our eyes upon Jesus and “walk as He walked.” The ‘small steps’ which you learn in this book will take you a long way in your walk with God c. 116x178x9mm 159pp

Author: Joshua Daniel

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